Short Course on Games – What You Need To Know

Considerations When Creating A Game App

You have an idea for smart phone game app, checked the market and done researched for similar ideas, have made legal inquiries and decided to create the app. While you might want to pursue patent for the game you’re creating, it can be prudent to pay for patent search to be sure that you’re not infringing on other developer’s patent.

By working on a story board, you will be able to develop your game’s concept even further. Here, it will be important to measure the dimension of your smart phone together with the size of its screen and use a graphics program or manually creating a visual replica of it. By being able to keep the visual replica true to the size, it can help you a lot to visualize how your app may work.

You have to play with your game’s logic by creating sequence of imaginary screens on the replica. And if you make a screen for every page, you will be able to turn each page to see how things flow. This basic exercise help in finding problems similar to the lack of tension or drama, repetitiveness and helping to work through its logic. Not only that, you must take into account the graphics of your game as in addition to the logic and story, the graphics is what lures people to play it.

At some point, you’ll have to find a programmer who will program the codes for the game and get quotations from them. You can use a local company’s service in regards to this matter. Freelances who offer their service were able to get their ratings from past clients which can be very useful with some helpful guidance.

Another consideration that you have to make is the payment arrangement like for instance, you have to know if you’ll be paying the programmer on an hourly basis or according to the set milestone or upon the completion of the job. To put it simply, will you be paying when the project is done or per hours of work completed? In the latter, it may be hard to control the costs and provide small incentives for quick completion of the job. The thing, having an accurate quotation is hard as well and underestimated quote can lead to rushing the job.

In relation to the graphics department, it is important to know if your chosen programmer can create graphics themselves or will they be working with others? Say you have specific ideas to how you want your game to appear, to be sure that everyone’s on the same boat, be sure to provide samples of the same graphics.

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