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Most individuals are shocked to understand that electric cars were invented earlier than gasoline vehicles. As constantly, there is our exclusive computer software downloads for magazine readers, and our essential tutorial files so you can perform along with us at home. News items are usually up to 200 words and feature articles 700 -­ 1,500 words, plus a couple of illustrations, unless otherwise agreed in advance. The magazine aims to inform readers about novel tactics, systems, processes and items as well as offering evaluation of all relevant locations within the chemical sector. Inventive new interactive technologies are energizing students and teachers with fresh opportunities for interactivity and collaboration in the classroom.

Whilst the C+T Property Web page blog is dedicated to the two print editions of our magazine, our complete internet website is made up of linked, autonomous blogs, covering either a specific technology category or business news by geographic territory. The advent of new automobile technology implies not only our vehicles, but the infrastructures that help them, established organization models and indeed our really lifestyles will adjust. Each and every title gives its subscribers with a exclusive business insight by means of a mixture of news, reviews, comments, analysis, regional reports, case research, technical articles and a lot more.

Tempo Magazine focus on Politics, Economics, Law, Regional and International News. Soon after initial tests, blueprints of the Eco-Cooler were place up online for absolutely everyone to download for free. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world’s biggest technical expert organization committed to advancing technologies for the benefit of humanity. Oilfield Technologies invited 3 firms to share their insight on a assortment of distinct LWD/MWD subjects.

Members of the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technologies receive complete digital and electronic access to T&S Magazine content as a member benefit. Chemical Technologies supplies a wide-ranging overview of chemical engineering in South Africa and the South African chemical industry in common. For more than ten years, Content material+Technology magazine has been serving content production and delivery experts throughout Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and beyond. If it is subsea sector connected technology you seek, you will locate it in Marine Technology Reporter Magazine. It is the only B2B magazine in SA that is devoted solely to the topic of lighting.

Chemical Technology is endorsed by both the South African Institution of Chemical Engineers (SAIChE) and the Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency (SAEE) and publishes info on their education programmes and other events. Focus Science & Technologies is the BBC’s award winning science and technology magazine. In addition, Chemical Technology covers topics such as the design and style and building of chemical plant, processes or unit operations in chemical engineering, and specialty chemicals in South Africa, among others.