Overseas Travel Checklist for Your Tech

If you are traveling overseas, you’ve probably got a checklist covering what travel documents you’ll need and what clothing to pack. But what about your phone, laptop or tablet? Before heading out, make sure you’ve got everything your tech needs to travel.

  • Unlock your phone. Once you leave the country, most smart phones either no longer work because they are no longer within range of your service carrier, or your carrier starts charging you astronomical roaming rates. Avoid both of these scenarios by getting your apple phones unlocked. Once unlocked, you can switch your phone to local carriers wherever you happen to be. Unlocking is quick, easy and legal, so there’s no reason not to unlock your phone.
  • Pick up power plug adapters. Somewhere on your mobile device charger, there should be information on “input.” This will tell you what voltage and frequency your charger can be used with. For instance, most common phone chargers will have an input of 100-240v and 50/60 Hz. Check to see what the common voltage and hertz are where you are going. If they fall within the same range as your charger, you’ll be fine to use it. However, you will need a plug adapter for the region you’ll be visiting but you’ll be able to plug your charger right into it.
  • Start with a full charge. Even if you have the right plugs adapters for your chargers, it’s always best to start off a journey with everything at full charge. Delays are a common part of travel so you can never be sure when you’ll get a chance to charge up again.
  • Pack all your wires – neatly. There’s nothing like having to unravel a tangled nest of snakes to try to find the charger or power cord you need. There are many ways to neatly store your wires such as coiling each one up and securing it with a twist tie or corralling each cord in a separate zip top plastic baggie. Choose the method that works best for you and you’ll be able to quickly and easily find the cord you need.
  • Use batteries whenever possible. If you’re going into a situation where plugging in to charge is iffy at best, try to rely on batteries to power your tech as much as possible. Consider bringing and using solar powered chargers.

Follow this checklist and you’ll be much more likely to enjoy fully charged tech throughout your travels.