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United Press International is a leading provider of news, pictures and data to millions of readers around the globe via and its licensing solutions. These articles do not necessarily represent the views of NOVA scienceNOW or WGBH. Catherine Cutter, professor of meals science and meals security extension specialist focusing on muscle foods, has been named recipient of the Arthur W. Nesbitt Faculty System Development Award in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences. About 20,000 troops have had to be deployed following the most current 7.3 earthquake at 1.25am local time on Saturday.

With a history of reliable reporting dating back to 1907, today’s UPI is a credible source for the most crucial stories of the day, continually updated – a one-cease internet site for U.S. and planet news, as nicely as entertainment, trends, science, overall health and beautiful photography. Well, if you are a college student, you had better begin following Chad Orzel proper away, simply because he offers some key insights into the professorial brain And joke lovers, well, you can not beat a good precision vs accuracy line Oh, and correct, the significant science.

It really is early days however, but India is shaping up as a critical player in subsequent-gen space travel. If you are searching for a roundup of in depth stories that go beyond Dole-funded investigation into bananas as food for cyclists (I mean come on), appear right here. For more information and complete image captions see the ESA SciTech and Space Science Portal web releases, as nicely as the BBC News and UK Herschel outreach postings.

As India grapples with an immense and seemingly insurmountable sanitation crisis, a Thailand-based international institute could show the way on tackling this challenge. He also writes insane stories about the early-20th century strategy to make hippo ranching a factor in the US, the ‘crazy ants’ that are taking more than the Gulf Coast, and the surreal planet of angora show bunnies Also, he tweeted a photo of a koala playing a French horn. A lot of cool function in science flies beneath the radar, lost in the weekly outpouring of study or hidden in texts with obscure names. And you really really like the science Yes you do have to eat all your scrambled eggs.

Thomson Reuters is the world’s biggest international multimedia news agency, offering investing news, planet news, enterprise news, technology news, headline news, small organization news, news alerts, individual finance, stock industry, and mutual funds data available on , video, mobile, and interactive television platforms. No matter whether he’s taking selfies with a flayed komodo dragon or making genuinely undesirable science puns, Ed Yong wants to be in your stream. The puns, they slay) or stick to his blog Not Specifically Rocket Science over at National Geographic.