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What is Oral Cancer?

Dental hygiene is a must leading to oral health. Infection of the mouth and other mouth diseases like gum diseases and tooth loss can be stopped by visiting a dentist at least twice a year or semiannually. A thorough oral exam will be done by your dentist during this visiting period. A visit to your dentist will enable him to check for any signs of oral cancer.

Some of these oral diseases are cancerous like the squamous cell carcinomas. In the main part of the epidermis of the skin, as well as the lips and mouth, squamous cell are also detected. Built in defenses for these cancer cells are present in our body to combat these dangerous cells. Unrestrained cell growth can cause squamous cell carcinoma. Factors that produce these diseases include other viruses, toxins and other factors like deficiency in fruits and vegetables in addition to drinking and smoking.

Metastasis is also one of the reasons of the spread of disease to other parts of the body The risk of Oral cancer is increased by the human Papillomavirus (HPV), version 16. The virus is transmitted from one person to another through sexual activity, and this virus is often the cause of many sexually transmitted diseases. It will take number of years for the virus to be detected clinically from the time of infection.
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There are symptoms that can be observed as signs of oral cancer, lesions, lumps and ulcers that usually don’t heal within a few weeks. Pale in color and small in size they can be seen as red or white patches in the ear, lip, tongue and inside the mouth tissue. Different kinds of symptoms can be observed in some parts of the body including hoarseness, facial numbness, swallowing and speaking along with tongue problems.
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Just a minor discomfort would be felt in the beginning period of the disease. Signs of discomfort in the mouth and experiences of burning, tickling, prickling and tingling would soon be felt as the cancer intensifies. Main scratches will also be discovered by the dentist.

Using tissue biopsy, the presence of the disease would soon be confirmed. Only undersized cancer lumps are able to be removed using surgical procedures.

Chemotherapy and radiation are types of treatment using drugs to destroy cancer cells. Numerous types of oral cancer treatments can be done based on the size and growth of cancer. Lumps and lesions along with changes of color on your tongue or mouth urgently need to be examined by a highly skilled oral dental surgeon.

This life threatening disease can be treated if detected in the earliest possible time and increase the chances of a successful remedy.